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Overnight Boarding

By boarding your precious pet(s), you give us the permission to play and ruff-around with your pups as much as they can stand! Our staff will be with them during all play sessions to make sure they stay safe and paw-leased during their stay. Be sure to email or call ahead to book your pup's stay!

While your pup stays overnight with us, the only thing we require you to bring is your pup's regular dog food!

 We have comfy, raised cots for your pup to snooze on and metal bowls for your pup to scarf their food from. However, we will GLADLY accept any and all items that your pup(s) would want during their stay; beds, blankets, a shirt that smells like you, toys, bones, treats, slow-feeding bowls, etc.

We accommodate any and all special feeding schedules, diets, medications*, "mix-ins", etc. Please don't hesitate to think we don't want your pet(s) happy, happy, happy!


Our Boarding costs cover all day Daycare the day you drop off, until the day you pick up!

We charge per night when your pup is Boarding.

All pups must be dropped off/picked up during our designated times.

2024 prices listed below:

Taking a long trip? Your pup's 7th consecutive night is FREE!

Boarding Costs: $48 per night, per kennel.

Each additional dog (same family; same kennel) costs an additional $38.

Your pup's Boarding consists of...

Plenty of Love and Attention

Overnight'ers get the best attention. After a long day's play, they snooze their night away, in their solid-walled kennel, where no neighbor can bother them throughout the night... and you can snooze the night away knowing that your baby is being watched over and cared for by our day and night shift workers. - just as you would want!

Don't worry about "long, lonely" nights! Our third-shift team members take the Boarding dogs out again
during the night to prevent any accidents, along with keeping them company, while keeping our facility sparklingly clean.

Inside Play

The Best for Your Pet

While your pup is Boarding with us, they will spend most of our "indoor time" in their kennel, getting extra rest. Especially, after breakfast and dinner are given (and lunch too, if your pup enjoys 3 meals a day). Don't fret, they still enjoy some indoor play here and there!

rosco in bed.jpg

Outside Play

A Stress-Free Experience

Your Boarding pup will spend at least two full play sessions outside!
Boarding pups are taken out for potty-breaks and a little play, before Breakfast and Dinner, and again after Dinner, before going up for the night.

Request an Overnight Reservation

Boarding Requests are only for EXISTING Campers only.

Departure Services (if any)

Thanks for submitting!

704.784.CAMP (2267)

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