All guests must provide proof of up to date vaccinations including Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella.

Additional daily medication should be provided in original package, along with specific instructions.

All guests must be spayed or neutered by the end of their 8th month, to attend Daycare or Boarding at Campy Happy Hound.

For a more comfortable overnight stay, please provide your own pre-measured food and treats,
with feeding directions in or on bags/containers.

Day Campers

Our Day Campers can romp and play as much as their puppy hearts desire. Playtime will consist of compatible dogs in three different large runs. A full day of play consists of two outdoor play sessions, while a half day will allow one outdoor play session.


By boarding your precious pet(s), you give us the permission to play and ruff-around with your pups as much as they can stand! Our staff will be with them during all play sessions to make sure they stay safe and paw-leased during their stay.

Daycare & Boarding

Dirty Dog Baths & Nails

Camper Cleanings are for Happy Hound'ers only.
All Camper Cleanings are available at staff discretion.


Small Dogs: $20
Medium Dogs: $25
Medium Longhair: $30
Large Dogs: $30
Large Longhair: $35
Extra-Large Dogs: $40
Extra-Large Longhair: $45

+ Ears: $5

Nail Grinding: $15